Contingency Fee Basis For Auto Accident Injuries

Suffering from a car accident is bad enough but it also can put a big dent in your financial situation and if you need representation by an attorney, worrying about costs can be a major concern. Many car accident attorneys understand the financial burdens a car accident can cause and will work on assignment under a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee agreement is determined as a fee that is delayed until your settlement is reached or your case is approved and will result in a percentage of the payout. There is an approval process that is necessary when seeking the help of an attorney when presenting a case and a contingency plan proposal.

Getting Approval for a Contingency Agreement

The attorney will set an appointment for a time to speak with you about your car accident, injury claims and financial situation. This is considered as the initial interview in which they may be able to determine if your case is in need of representation and if a contingency plan will benefit you in resolving your case. They will review your case with you and work to resolve your financial issues and concerns once you are approved by the attorney as having a reputable case. It may seem confusing but is a very simple process and may take only a few minutes or up to an hour for the interview depending upon your case. Many interviews can be done over the phone or even at your residence if you are unable to visit the attorneys office due to the accident or work schedule.

Once the attorney has approved your case and is on task, they will provide you with a detailed plan for your representation and the basic costs per your case in regards to your projected settlement benefits. They may ask for some small fees to be paid during the resolution of your case in regards to filing court papers and other paper claim processes. These fees are minimal and can be included in your contingency plan agreement if it is necessary for your financial situation. The attorneys are willing to work with you to assist in making the claim process as stress free as possible. Each contingency agreement is set per individual case and is determined by the attorneys accountants which can assign basic needs and necessities to your case under your contingency agreement.

Factors that can be added into a contingency plan can include past due bills or accumulating bills that are necessary for payment to maintain your value of life, such as electrical, heating or water. Rental cars can be supplied in the event you need transportation to and from work or for other necessities. There are limitations to the funding the attorneys office can compensate and when you have a concern about a past due bill, you can relate your concerns to the attorney. If they are not able to fulfill the payment terms, they are capable for making payment arrangements and representing you to your billing and business accounts to help you maintain your accounts without being cut off or resulting in mounting overdue fees and past due penalties.