Car Accident Statistics You May Not Know

accident-statisticsA day hardly goes by without us hearing about a gruesome road accident near our homes or towns. We may not care much about these accidents but we should care about them. Caring about them can help us to prevent innumerable road accidents in future. We can also deal with the aftermath of car accidents if we take a keen interest in the circumstances surrounding them. The statistics you hear or see in the media are just a tip of the iceberg. Here are some car accident statistics you may not know.

- The Global Perspective

More than 1.3 million people die each year due to road accidents. In other words, more people die each year from car accidents worldwide than the total number of people living in Luxembourg today. You should also know that half of these deaths occur among people aged between 15 – 44 years old. This means that the world loses the most productive people in society because of road accidents. These losses normally cause their dependents in a state of sorrow, want and despair.


Car Accident Statistics Infographic

- Countrywide Perspectives

As you can see, many dependents will need financial assistance because those who cared for them died during road accidents. This sad state of affairs happens all over the world as well as in our own country. Here, more than 37,000 people die in car collisions each year while 2.35 million people suffer from serious injuries that may lead to disabilities.

Innocent pedestrians, passengers or car drivers form a large portion of the people who die or suffer injuries during car accidents. For example, over 1,600 kids under the age of 15 years die each year due to car accidents. These kids and other innocent people who suffer on our roads should seek legal redress. This redress will compensate them for damages suffered and it will serve as a warning to other negligent road users.

- Alcohol and Car Accidents

Many road accidents are avoidable. In other words, people die needlessly on our roads. Drunk driving plays a major role when it comes to these avoidable deaths on our roads. In our nation, more than 30 people die each day because of poor driving by an alcohol-impaired driver. To put it differently, drunk driving causes one death every 48 minutes in our country. The families of those who die become poor, disgruntled and emotionally burdened while survivors of such accidents occasionally suffer from disabilities such as paralysis. These families and injured victims should not suffer because of the negligence of others. They should receive compensation that will help them to carry on with their lives.