Winter Driving Safety Tips

During winter, the weather outside is not that good. It is not favorable for the travelers and those in the transport business. If the airports are normally closing down, then you can imagine the conditions of the roads. The presence of mind, preparedness and caution are very important while traveling in such weather. There are some important rules that are kept in the mind normally referred to as the Winter Driving Safety Tips. They are meant to guide the drivers on what to do so as to drive safely during winter. Are you a driver and you are likely to drive in such weather?  Here are some of the safety tips:

1. You Should Have Good Lights

Both your headlights and the tail lights should be in good condition. This will allow other drivers to see you easily as the lights will be very clear. In case your lights are old or sand-pitted such that they are not clear enough, ensure that you replace with new ones. Besides, they should be clear of snow to avoid blurred vision. Good lights will not only assist other drivers but will also assist you as you will be in a position to see clearly where you are heading to.

2. Make Use Of The Snow Tires

This is very important as the summer tires have little or no grip in snow. This will result in sliding and can easily cause an accident. Besides, if you use the “All-Season Tires” they do not have perfect snow traction and this will also lead to sliding. Therefore to avoid all these, make sure that you use the snow tires that have 6/32- inch deep thread. Besides, you can incorporate chains in your tires to avoid further sliding.

3. Make The Turns Slowly

Most of the drivers have lost control of their automobiles along an icy curve. You should slow down. One of the major causes of car accidents is speeding on slippery curves. In such curves, there are the required speed limits that are posted. Ensure that you stick to the posted speed limit and this will reduce the chances of accidents. Therefore you should drive cautiously.

4. Avoid The Icy Uphill Driving

When it is icy, you should avoid driving up steep hills. In case it is necessary for you to drive uphill or you cannot avoid it, then you should drive uphill slowly using the second keep your momentum, use the feather braking and you should steer around obstacles. You should not stop until you are at the top of the hill.